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How do I sign up for Clare Woods Early Bird newsletter?

Simply scroll down to the bottom of the HOME page on my website, and enter your email address in the box beneath the sentence, “Sign up for my newsletter”.  

What’s in the newsletter?

Announcements of new artworks, upcoming events, such as workshops, exhibitions, live painting events, and so forth. There are also tips on where to buy my artworks and everything else that touches upon my artworks! Early Birds also get access to special deals now and then and free offerings too! 

How often is the newsletter sent out?

I try to send my newsletter out about once a month. 

How do I unsubscribe from the newsletter?

Sorry to see you go, but we understand. Unsubscribing is easy: just click on the “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of any of my newsletters. 

Do you sell prints?

We sell prints through a third party: look for the link at the bottom of the HOME page to my Redbubble store.

I purchased a painting on your web site. What happens next?

1. You should receive a confirmation email. Check your spam folder, if you did not receive it.

2. Your painting will be carefully packed for shipping. This can take up to a week, depending on the size of the painting and if it will be shipped stretched or rolled depending on where you are and the size of the artwork.

3. We will let you know once your piece is shipped.

4. Delivery! Please make sure that someone is home to sign for it. If this is impossible, then please contact the courier directly, to make alternate arrangements. At the moment contactless delivery is most likely depending on your Covid status. 

If I purchase a piece of art, what other costs can I expect to have to pay?

In addition to the cost of the artwork there is a shipping charge. If you are located in New Zealand, shipping is free. 

Outside of NZ, if your painting is on a canvas and is larger than 12″ on any one side, it will be shipped removed from the stretcher bars and rolled in a tube, so as to avoid hefty freight charges. You would be responsible for getting your painting re-stretched, once it reaches your end. If you prefer to have the piece/s shipped on the bars get in touch with me for the cost to ship. 

Is there a fee for packing?

Packing fees are included in the shipping cost, so the price you see on a shipping quote includes everything. There is no commitment when asking for a shipping quote. 

How do I initiate a request for a commissioned artwork?

The first step is to confirm that I am currently accepting commissions. 

Please contact clare@woodswork.co.nz to check the status of commission availability.

How do I order a commissioned painting?

Once I know what size canvas you want and have received your deposit, the fun begins in my studio! Please note that if I don’t have the canvas size that you have requested in stock, I must order it, which can take up to 2 weeks or so. 

You share with me what you are looking for: color palette and style. It is helpful if you can share 1 or 2 paintings of mine that inspire you. Please note that I will never create an exact copy of an existing painting, as I don’t think it’s fair to the existing collectors, and besides, wouldn’t you want your very own, unique painting?

I send you photos of the painting once I feel like the work is complete (or close to complete)

You provide feedback (ex: if you would like to see more or less of something, etc).

If needed, I make necessary changes and send you photos once again.

Once you are happy with the result, you pay the remaining balance. 


How long does a commissioned painting take to complete?

This depends on my schedule at the time of the order, how large the commissioned piece is, and how many iterations the commissioned artwork requires. While it is on a case-by-case basis, you should normally expect anywhere between 2 and 8 weeks to complete. 


What if I don’t like the final product?

While I work very hard to really listen to my clients and to create what they have in mind, it is art, not science, so it can happen that a commissioned artwork does not match up to the collector’s vision. When this happens, 25% of the total invoice (50% of the initial deposit) can be used to purchase any other painting available on clarewoods.co.nz 


How will my painting be packaged?

All paintings delivered in New Zealand are packed and shipped on the bars. Outside of New Zealand as below.

Paintings with sides that are less than 12″ in length will be wrapped in bubble wrap and packed in cardboard.

Paintings with at least one side 12″ or larger are normally removed from their stretcher bars and rolled up in a tube. You will be responsible for getting the canvas re-stretched when you receive it. If you have purchased a painting that needs to be stretched and you would like it shipped directly to a framer, please contact us at art@clairedesjardins.com to make the arrangements. We can also help you find a framer local to you, if need be.

If you prefer to have an extra large painting shipped already on stretcher bars, we will need to ship it in a wood crate, which will increase the shipping costs significantly.


How do you ship paintings?

We usually ship paintings by courier, but sometimes, if local, we can deliver artworks in person.


Where is my artwork being shipped from?

Usually, paintings are shipped out from Auckland New Zealand (unless otherwise specified).


How much is shipping, and who pays for it?

The cost of shipping is included in the “handling” area of your order form, and therefore included in your final bill. There is also an international shipping fee for paintings being shipped outside of New Zealand. We determine the cost of shipping based on the least expensive option, usually ground transport. If you would like to arrange and pay for a more expedited shipping option, please contact me.


How will I know when to expect my artwork?

At the moment art is taking over a month to reach overseas locations. I can supply a track and trace option if requested. 


How long will it take for my painting to be delivered?

Your painting will be packaged within 5 working days of payment. It is then delivered to the courier company where the time that it takes for the delivery varies, depending on the area to which the package is travelling. Our shipping costs are based on the least expensive form of shipping (by courier), usually ground transportation. If you would like to arrange and pay for a more expedited shipping option, please contact me. 


What form of payment is accepted?

I accept MasterCard and Visa, We can also arrange PayPal payment.

All prices are in New Zealand dollars, unless otherwise specified. 

What is your return policy?

Change of heart? I understand! Paintings can be exchanged for a credit on clarewoods.co.nz for the full amount, minus any shipping costs, so long as certain conditions are met:

– The collector has seven (7) days from the date of reception to advise us in writing that they would like to return the artwork, and fourteen (14) days to pack and ship it back to us by recognized courier, at the collector’s own expense.

– The artwork must be returned in its original packaging and in the same condition as when it was shipped. It is important, therefore, to take care when both unpacking and repacking your artwork.



What if I decide that I would like to return my artwork, but the 7 day window has passed?

If you have a change of heart after the 7-day return window has passed, you may return your painting by packing and shipping it back to me, at your own expense.

Once the painting has been received, it will be carefully inspected for damage. It the painting is in good shape, then you will receive a credit for the price you paid on the painting, minus any shipping charges, and a 4% monthly rental fee for each month that you kept the painting, after the date you received it. You may use the remaining balance towards the purchase of any other available artwork on my website.